Using social media to drive traffic

How is Mashable getting as many mentions as Bloomberg and Reuters combined? It’s simple really.

I was trying out some social media monitoring tools the other day and noticed that Mashable (a blog site covering niche tech news and which has been around just over a year) was getting as any mentions as Bloomberg and Reuters combined…

And I started to wonder whether there would be a close correlation to site traffic. And this is indeed the case, as can be seen below, which implies that there is almost a direct correlation between social buzz and site traffic.

Now Mashable employs less than 50 people (from what I can gather) and has a MUCH lower cost base than either – certainly the ‘cost per reach’ is off the scale compared to the big boys.

So how can a company can get such massive online reach so quickly with such little resource/cost?

I don’t think this is rocket science – just good old common sense…

  • They have great content. It is not unique, often repurposing other news. But it relevent for the audience, well written and very current.
  • They make it engaging – encouraging users to interact and comment. They use Disqus, which is much more useful than most standard blog commenting systems.
  • They make it totally accessible. The blog itself is easy to access, but they also push content out to almost every corner of the internet, including Email, Facebook, Twitter, iPhone apps, iPad apps, and Android apps.

Ultimately they have thought about the user at every stage, making it easy for people to stay up to date with issues relevant to them.

I think almost any brand can take some learnings from this.