Crayon launches DM activity for Honda UK Motorcycles and Lawnmowers

Crayon has launched new DM activity for Honda across its range of motorcycles and lawnmowers in the UK.

Honda Motorcycles and Power Equipment previously operated separately to the main car division but this marks a first step in talking to its customers as one single brand and integrating marketing activity. Separate DM pieces will promote Honda’s range of lawnmowers and CBR motorcycle range to both existing car and motorcycle customers and prospects. The packs will reflect the typical Honda innovation and engineering already associated with its cars.

The lawnmower DM will no doubt surprise some customers that Honda make lawnmowers as well as cars and motorcycles, and that there is one for every type of garden and gardener.  The pack follows a propensity modelling exercise across existing Honda car and motorcycle customers, and will be cross-selling to an audience usually familiar with faster engines! The piece, timed with spring grass cutting, will promote the full range including the new electric models, and will offer an incentive of up to £100 cash back.

The motorcycle DM will promote the range of CBR’s including three new models and will be sent to existing motorcycle customers and prospects who have said they are interested in a sports bike. Crayon’s many years of experience on strategic thinking and data analysis for cars has been useful in helping to identify additional people to test. This will also include a test drive incentive of vouchers.

Future activity will be expanded to include digital.

Crayon have been working with Honda UK’s car division for a number of years, and recently on Honda Europe motorcycles across digital and direct activity but this is the first UK DM activity.

Steve Colling, Marketing Communication Manager said: ‘Honda brings the same engineering quality and value to lawnmowers as it does in cars and motorcycles, so why not tell our existing customers? And it makes sense to integrate lawn and garden and motorcycle communications into our existing CRM activity. Combined with great offers across both products this is a perfect opportunity to test the potential of cross-selling. Learning’s from this project will be used for refining future activity.’

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