Crayon Ci win two eConsultancy Innovation Awards on behalf of Hiscox insurance.

In a flurry of success, Crayon Ci have recently picked up both the awards for Most Innovative Online Advertising Campaign and Innovation B2B Digital Marketing at this year’s eConsultancy Awards.

How so, we hear you ask?  They wanted to promote their Home and Professional Indemnity Insurance products, but with a target audience that is notoriously hard to engage and with Hiscox’s relative challenger status against larger brands, they needed a way to gain cut through in a very competitive market.

The answer?  Simple – innovation in combining media and technology.  JiWire technology served targeted adverts to people logging into wifi networks at hotspots of such as train termini and airports, where supporting outdoor advertising was able to deliver a truly integrated approach through offline and online media.

You can find out more here if you would like.  Otherwise just to say, great from the Ci team in what was a very successful campaign and we look forward to more campaigns that push boundaries.