Crayon launches new technology division Zigzag with messaging tool for BT

Crayon has launched a new technology division that focuses on software tools to help brands better influence customer journeys.

Crayon has launched a new technology division called Zigzag that creates marketing led software tools that help brands better influence customer journeys. One of Zigzag’s launch products is CONNECT, already in use by BT and has improved conversion in their call centres.

Zigzag’s objective is to provide Marketing Director’s with high impact but easy to use products that improve the customer journey but overcome the pressure on IT departments so marketers can get to market quickly. Insight showed pure technology companies didn’t always understand the overall customer journey and marketing mix. As part of their core offering of creative, data and insight, Crayon felt well placed to develop technology to support that.

CONNECT for BT is an online messaging tool that enables call centre agents to follow up inbound enquiries with personalised email communication. The tool has contributed to increased conversion across their range of consumer products as well as driving efficiency in call centres.

CONNECT was initially tested in a trial across 100 operators over 8 weeks and conversion was almost three times better than target. As a result of this success, the tool has been rolled out to over 1000 operators and won a prestigious pan-BT annual innovation award.

Zigzag has also developed a second product called HUB, a campaign tool which has been used for some time by Honda dealers. Products in beta include a tool to allow brands to better control how their products are displayed on 3rd party retailer websites and an online data enhancement tool that enables highly personalised customer experiences online.

Zigzag will operate as a product technology division selling direct to clients, agencies and partners.

Nick Wong, Director of Online, BT Consumer said: ‘CONNECT has allowed us to personalise email communications direct from call centre agents and in a structured and consistent way ensuring that we maintain core brand values. However, the most important aspect has been the really impressive conversion rates and operational benefits such as reduced call length times. Crayon has worked very closely with us to develop this solution in a way that works for BT and integrates effectively into our sales cycle. ’

Richard French, Managing Director, Zigzag said: ‘It’s not news that the Marketing and Sales process is increasingly being dominated by technology based solutions. Marketing Directors are not only expected to be experts in Marketing they now need to be experts in technology too! This product for BT and the others we have in BETA can make a big and instant impact on the customer journey. We are very excited about both the potential and interest that Zigzag has demonstrated”

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