Using Softphone with Broadband Talk

What is Softphone?

Softphone† is a piece of software you can download to your PC and use to make calls to anyone over the internet – without the need of a phone.

  • Simple to download
  • Calls to other Softphone users are FREE
  • Send text messages from your PC
  • Make video calls via a web cam
  • Enjoy crisp, high definition sound
  • Can be used with any Broadband Talk account

Using Softphone with your Broadband Talk account

You can log on to Softphone and make calls from your PC using your Broadband Talk number and password. All you need to do is download Softphone on to your PC, get a headset with a microphone and away you go.


Broadband Talk on the move

Because Softphone lets you access your Broadband Talk account remotely, you can make Broadband Talk calls almost anywhere. So you don't need to be at home to take advantage of great Broadband Talk rates. Chargeable calls can also be conveniently billed alongside your Broadband Talk account.

Find out more about Softphone

† Broadband, a microphone and speakers, headset or handset and a suitable sound card is required. Call quality may not match PSTN [unless the recipient is able to benefit from High Definition sound].The ability to make 999 or 112 emergency calls cannot be guaranteed. Wherever possible alternative arrangements should be made and a primary telephone line maintained. Service will fail if there is a power failure. Abuse policy applies. Calls may deplete any usage allowance applied by other broadband providers. Click a contact's Softphone IM name to make a free call. Terms and conditions apply