What is Broadband Talk?

Broadband Talk is like an extra phone line for the home. It uses your broadband connection rather than your phone line so you can make inclusive or cheap calls.

Once Broadband Talk is set up, you simply plug a regular touchtone phone handset into your router or BT Home Hub – or use your Hub Phone if you have one. It's easy and means you get great rates on calls to mobiles, landlines and international numbers.

  • Works like an extra phone line with no extra line rental
  • Inclusive UK* Evening and Weekend calls
  • International calls from just 1.25p per minute

Make the most of Broadband Talk

Broadband Talk comes with its own phone number. So whenever someone uses it, you can be sure your other phone line remains free.

Some people use their Broadband Talk line for work calls, so work and family life are kept separate. For others it's a great alternative phone for the kids to use for inclusive or cheap calls. However you choose to use it, it's a welcome addition to your home life.

If you're a BT Total Broadband customer, you can sign up right away at no extra cost.

Why not see how much you could save?


Find out more about setting up Broadband Talk.

Getting started

* 01 02 and 03 numbers, excluding Channel Islands. Other exclusions apply. Pence per minute charging applies after one hour. Redial before one hour to avoid call charges. Opt-in required. Quality of reception may not match landline. Service restrictions apply e.g. 999 calls. Limited emergency location information stored. Service will fail if there is a power failure. Abuse policy applies. Touchtone telephone required