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Keeping up with the latest ‘i-this’ and ‘nano-that’ isn’t easy. Here, we try to explain a bit about the latest technology behind making calls via the internet - VoIP. How does it all work and what does it mean for the future? Read on to find out a few of the simple facts behind the jargon.

  1. What is VoIP?
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What is VoIP?

Over the last few years, something great has been happening to the telephone. You can now make phone calls over the internet – and it’s cheaper and easier than ever before.

Here at BT, we have embraced this advanced form of communication. As a result, we now include our VoIP service, BT Broadband Talk, with all our BT Total Broadband Options. This is the future of the telephone. One day all calls will be made via VoIP.

The uncomplicated bit

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to use its technical term, isn’t as complicated as it might sound. Basically VoIP allows you to make phone calls over the internet.

Some companies only provide a PC to PC VoIP service. With BT you can just pick up your handset (a standard touchtone phone or the BT Hub Phone) and you don’t need to turn on your computer to get talking. We call it Broadband Talk.

How it works

VoIP services convert your voice into a digital signal which can be sent down your internet connection to your VoIP service provider. From here it gets passed on to the telephone exchange, to connect with the phone number you’re calling. Of course all this takes a fraction of a second, all you need to do is dial the number and wait for the person you’re calling to pick up – just like a normal phone.

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