Honda launch seven new motorbikes with Crayon

Crayon have produced a Pan-European campaign to launch seven new and updated Honda Motorbikes.

Crayon launches new technology division Zigzag with messaging tool for BT

Crayon has launched a new technology division that focuses on software tools to help brands better influence customer journeys.

Gamification 101 - Why games are a key marketing tool

We recently discussed the social media market with the emergence of Google+, yet in many ways social media has already won. This was summarised by Seth Priebatsch, CEO of SVNGR (Groupon meets Foursquare) at this year’s SXSW Festival. “While the last decade was the decade of social… where the framework in which we connect with other people was built… This next decade will be the decade where the game framework is built.” In response to this we’ve decided to dissect gamification, why it is going to become so powerful and how it can actually make marketing engaging and fun.

Google Fuss?

Google’s new social network, Google+ has caused a lot of fuss in the month since it launched. While still only in ‘invite-only’ mode, it has reportedly attracted 20 million users in this one month compared to Foursquare’s 10 million users in two years. Yet there are already reports of a slow down in visits figures and browsing time. Can it really challenge and surpass Facebook or is it going to be another Google social flop?

Crayon Ci win two eConsultancy Innovation Awards on behalf of Hiscox insurance.

In a flurry of success, Crayon Ci have recently picked up both the awards for Most Innovative Online Advertising Campaign and Innovation B2B Digital Marketing at this year’s eConsultancy Awards.

The price of content

Apple’s stance on the pricing of content sold through applications on their iOS platforms has caused a lot of controversy. It has raised two main questions.

The Internet of Things

We recently had a debate about the next evolution of the Internet. The Internet of Things came through as a strong contender concept.

Google Chrome OS: who is it for?

Since fleshing out the details of their browser-based OS, many people have been asking who is actually going to use this software?

Electrified or Electrifad?

The UK government has told local councils to make 2011 “the year of the electric car”. Our own work in hybrid technology places us in a significant position to discuss how this fast rising technology will impact the automotive industry.

Love Film, Netflix and Sky. The On demand lineup for 2011

Netflix is the dominant video on demand service in the US providing a video streaming service either via a standalone box or on consumer electronics products in US.