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BT Total Broadband
Option 3
AOL AOL Wireless Plus
Sky Connect
Product Detail
Download Speed (up to) 8Mb 8Mb 8Mb
Introductory or offer price 22.99 (for 3 mths)
18.99 (for 6 mths)
sn/a 17.001
Length of introductory or offer price 3 mths
(12 mth min term)
6 mths
(18 mth min term)
n/a n/a
Standard price per month 24.99 19.992 17.00
Subscription cost in year 1 with 12 mth contract 293.88 n/a 244.00
Subscription cost in year 1 with 18 mth contract 443.82 479.763 n/a
Are their best offers available to all new customers? 4
Minimum contract term 12 mths 24 mths 12 mths
Alternative minimum contract term 18 mths n/a n/a
Monthly usage allowance Unlimited 40Gb 40GB
24/7 Phone support
Rate Phone support is charged at 08455 08446 08707
Security Features
Ad Blocker (popup/adware) Optional Optional
Anti-Phishing Optional Optional
Anti-Spam (Email) Optional
Anti-Spyware Optional
Anti-Virus (Email) Optional
Email Address Guard
Parental Controls Optional
Parental Guardian Optional
Anti-Virus (PC) Optional Optional
Firewall Protection (PC) Optional
File Backup Service 8
Privacy Manager/Identity protection Optional9 Optional
BT Vision enabled
Includes free wireless modem
Calls over Internet offered
Includes phone to make calls over the internet
Inclusive Internet calls offered within Broadband service 10
Free access to BT FON Global WiFi network 11
Customise your home page
BT Fusion enabled

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  1. Set up Fee varies from 0 - 60 depending on the circumstances
  2. selected areas only - you may be charged and extra 10pm and subject to purchase of an AOLTalk call plan
  3. 24 month minimum term
  4. Depends where you live
  5. Calls charged up to 2 pence per minute on the residential BT network (plus 6p set up fee). Mobile and other network costs may vary.
  6. Calls charged at 5p per min. at all times. Mobile and other network costs may vary.
  7. Calls charged up to 6 pence per minute on the residential BT network (plus 6p set up fee). Mobile and other network costs may vary.
  8. 5GB FREE secure online storage with BT Digital Vault, which includes Auto Backup.
  9. 6.99 per month (special offer of 3 months for the price of 1)
  10. Means 01 and 02 numbers, excluding Channel Islands. Other exclusions apply. Pence per minute charging applies after one hour. Redial before one hour to avoid call charges. Opt-in required. Quality of reception may not match landline. Service restrictions apply e.g. 999 calls. Limited emergency location information stored. Service will fail if there is a power failure. Abuse policy applies. Touchtone telephone required.
  11. Allows free wireless broadband access at over 190,000 hotspots around the world.