What do all the stars mean?
It's the easiest way to quickly compare each broadband provider in the different areas of service. The stars indicate how well each provider fares in that category, by showing how many features they include with their package.

Five stars indicates the provider offers every service or feature within that category (indicated by a ) and one star indicates they only offer 20% (e.g. 3 out of 15) of the features within that category (these totals don't include optional features).

For example, BT Total Broadband Option Two offers 4 out of 6 Additional features (noted by ), so receives a 4-star rating in this category.

What do we mean by 'like for like'?
We've made it easy for you to compare each feature or service available in the fairest way possible - so we won't compare our competitors' cheapest packages with our most inclusive package, or vice versa.

You can, however choose "Change Package" to compare any packages to any BT Total Broadband Options once you have seen the closest comparisons.

What does a mean?
The service or product is supplied as standard with that package, or is included if you 'opt in' when you order the package.

What does a mean?
The service or product is NOT supplied as standard with that package.

What does 'Optional' mean?
The service or product is available as an optional extra with that package, which incurs an charge (or may be some times included free as part of certain special offers).

What does 'opt in' mean?
Some products or services are only available if you select them while you are ordering, or by contacting the service provider directly.

How often is this comparison table updated?
This table is checked regularly to ensure that information is up to date with what is in the market place. It was last updated on 10/01/2008.

What happens if I see information in the table that I think is incorrect?
We check the accuracy of these tables on a regular basis (see question above). However, broadband providers sometimes change their deals every day, if you've seen a different deal offered somewhere else, please let us know and we'll investigate to ensure that we have the correct facts.

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