4 Plastering & Decorating

15 WCA House
Redcliffe Backs
United Kingdom

T: +44 0117 929 2690
F: +44 0117 929 2690

A member of the Association for Environment Conscious Building, and uses 100% chemical free products. The plaster they use is a natural clay finish, made from a mix of clays and coloured sands. It is extracted from quarries around europe, is uncontaminated and contains no chemical or pigment additives. Its characteristics include excellent adhesion, durability and colour purity, is non-flammable and is as tough as lime mortar stucco. Their paints contain no petroleum solvents, vinyl or chlorinated polymers- all highly toxic ingredients often found in paint. Instead the paints they use contain a resin based on a renewable resource - soya bean oil dispersed in water. Ideal for interior or exterior. A vast choice of colours are available.