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Our people

At Crayon we have assembled a talented team of people from every conceivable marketing discipline - It would take too long to introduce you to them all, but to get started why not get in touch with any one of our partners....

Richard French
Managing Partner
[email protected]

"I lived most of my childhood abroad, am very partial to a game of tennis and a BBQ, and before you say it - I know I look a lot older than I am!"
Simone Sulsh
Client Partner
[email protected]

"Vespas rule. Del Boy rocks."
Chris Michael
Interactive Partner
[email protected]

"Used to be UK tae Kwon do champion. Now trying to stay sober on Friday nights. Hai-so! Hic!"
Omaid Hiwaizi
[email protected]

"I like making things out of wood (computers) and riding my skateboard. I used to be the world's fattest vegan."
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