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James Villa Holidays TV ad


Persuade people who usually go on a package holiday that a James villa holiday will be more enjoyable. Ultimately, drive bookings in key post-Christmas period.


Going on a package holiday means struggling for the simplest things like finding a space by the pool or getting to the breakfast buffet by a certain time. One of the most important times of year is scheduled around other people.


On a James villa holiday you can do what you want, when you want because you have the place all to yourself.


We came up with the campaign theme of ‘Go with the flow, not with the masses’. Set to the track Run Rabbit Run the TV ad takes an irreverent look at the difference between a package holiday and a James Villa holiday - the mass scramble for sunbeds and buffets, versus the relaxed, chilled out experience of a villa holiday.

We created an integrated campaign including TV, print and online.


Bookings for 2008 are running at 60% more than forecast.

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