Crayon is an independent agency with three divisions: Insight, Direct Advertising and Interactive.

118 118

1. Objectives

Promote 118 118 Text Ad service, get past the gatekeepers, reach media, clients and get the conversation started.

2. Strategy

Having spoken to a number of 118 118’s target audience, together with feedback from the Sales Managers, we were able to identify a number of challenges and barriers.
Text Ad was often perceived as just another text message service. Getting across how the product worked wasn’t going to be easy, especially out of context.

3. Solution

We developed an integrated contact strategy focussed around high impact direct mail themed on the A Team, reflecting the consumer TV ad running at the time. It arrived by courier, and contained a live mobile with Text Ads preloaded, demonstrating how the service worked. Follow up was via a phone call direct to that mobile on the same day - neatly bypassing any gatekeeper!

4. Results

We achieved a 27% meeting rate to an audience that was previously impenetrable.