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BT Home Hub

1. Objectives

As the broadband land grab started to heat up, with diverse brands entering and the emergence of ‘free’ offers, BT needed to respond in a way that built their brand and grew subscriber numbers and revenues.

2. Strategy

Broadband consumers had become completely and utterly confused.
As a big and trusted brand, BT has the opportunity to bring services together, and make it easier for the consumer to understand and choose the services. Also, the more products customers buy, the more tied in they become, reducing churn.
The BT Home Hub does this - the question was, how to present its complex web of features and benefits so people get it.
Research showed that the mass market doesn’t really care what the technology does, they care about what it can do for them.

3. Solution

We developed a website based on consumers’ individual needs and wishes - dramatized in short scenes.
In the opening sequence, as these needs are spoken words appear and manifest as the BT Home Hub. In the main site, we show the benefits in real life scenarios, which develop as the characters talk, move and interact.
Every ‘need’ or ‘want’ is seen from inside the world of the consumer.
Our aim was to make broadband understandable from the users point of view and promote the benefit of broadband in your life.
Our approach has also driven on and offline communications produced by partner agencies.

4. Results

In the first two months, the site had over 4 million user sessions, each with an average of 12 minutes per session.
The proportion of sales of the premium broadband option rose almost 283%

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