Crayon is an independent agency with three divisions: Insight, Direct Advertising and Interactive.

1. Objectives

Create a range of appealing, accessible and effective materials to persuade children aged 5-11 years to be more charitable.

2. Strategy

We conducted a series of depth interviews with children and their teachers and discovered that teachers are crying out for materials and lesson plans of high quality which make their life easier.
We also looked into ways that would allow us to communicate complicated ideas about community. Children see through stereotypes. To be effective we needed to inspire, be relevant and most of all be ‘cool’.

3. Solution

We developed a suite of animal characters to represent a broad cross section of social, ethnic and (dis)ability groups and give us freedom to express complex ideas.
From this The ‘Go Givers’ Brand evolved a broad range of materials, including teaching materials, website and online games.

4. Results

Test site has resulted in unprecedented response from children engaging with characters (playing games, sending in their ideas, problems etc) and teachers wanting to use the site to make curriculum lessons easier. In the first month of launching the test site, it attracted 35,000 users.

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