Crayon is an independent agency with three divisions: Insight, Direct Advertising and Interactive.

1. Objectives

To increase traffic, stickiness, and hence advertising revenue across the range of UKTV channel websites.

2. Strategy

Starting with, we conducted detailed analysis of site usage and feedback from the user forums, followed up with email surveys amongst selected users.

This revealed that people were mainly interested in online recipes and that online advertising was seen as intrusive and turning users off. We planned to take the learnings from the re-launch of this site and then to use this as a template for the other nine channel sites.

3. Solution

The site architecture was re-worked to base all content around recipes. We also introduced additional sticky content such as video recipes and chef biographies.
We used a customer centric design methodology, getting user feedback at all key stages.

The site structure and CMS platform were adapted to maximise natural search. Opportunities for advertising were also doubled by adding clearly marked sponsor areas on pages, integrating MPU banners into site content and introducing advertorial promotions.

Site activity was monitored using Google Analytics and banner performance via Double Click, whilst site forums were used to gain customer feedback. In addition we designed and built a custom CMS to enable the client to import feeds of channel listings and then add/edit content for the sites as well as the red-button TV service. Finally we designed and built a range of micro-sites to promote specific programming and even to allow users to vote online to influence future schedules.

4. Results

Within one month of launch of the new food site, both site usage and revenue from banner advertising doubled. Similar results were obtained on all other sites when they were re-launched.

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