Getting started

Once you've downloaded and installed BT Softphone, you're ready to start making the most of the phone on your PC!

Step 1: Start BT Softphone

In the Windows 'Start' menu, look in 'Programs' and click BT Softphone or double-click the desktop icon. This will open BT Softphone.

The display shows 'Initializing', followed by 'Discovering network'.

Get BT Softphone

  1. Create a Display Name
  2. Download the FREE software
  3. Click to install

Step 2: Logging in

Log in using your BT Broadband Talk telephone number (starting '056') and password. Once you're online, you'll be able to make and receive calls on your PC.

Step 3: Using your BT Broadband Talk Softphone

Organise all your contacts using your Address Book
Save contacts' details in your Address Book and quickly make calls to saved numbers.

Press Clear, if necessary. Enter the name or number on the display and click Call or press Enter on your keyboard. To enter a number, use the BT Softphone dial pad or the computer keyboard.

Drag and Drop
Drag an entry from any of the names in your Contacts panel onto the display.

Press the Redial button to call the last number you dialled.

Direct selection
Right click a contact in your Contacts panel and select Call or double click a contacts name.

Received/dialled calls list (in Contacts panel)
Double click a name within the received or dialled calls list or right click on a contacts name and select Phone this Person.


Address book (in Contacts panel)
Double click a name within the address book or right click and select Call.

Type letters of a contacts name into the display and these will be transferred into your contacts number, as long as you have this option activated. To activate, open the General Menu and select Options, under Application tick the option Turn Letters into Digits.

When you have entered a phone number, press the green call button.