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  2. Download the FREE software
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Make and receive calls on your PC

With BT Softphone, not only will you find it easy to make and receive calls on your PC, but you can also enjoy a wide range of extra benefits.

What's more, when someone calls your BT Broadband Talk telephone number when you're online, you'll hear the phone ringing on both your BT Broadband Talk phone and BT Softphone.

Additional features

Chat for FREE You can also talk to other BT Softphone users who are online, completely FREE of charge.
Send instant messages It's quick and easy to instant message other BT Softphone customers when they're online.
Make and receive video calls Add another dimension to your conversations with video! If you use Windows XP, you can connect a webcam to your computer to make a video calls to other BT Softphone users.
Speak to up to 4 callers at once You can handle two calls at once on separate lines, switch between them, and even hold a conference call with up to 4 people.
Address Book Store all your contacts' details, including phone numbers, email addresses and mail addresses, in one place.
Voicemail Listen to your messages by dialling 1571.
Call Waiting Alerts you that another call is coming through, with the option to switch between calls.
Caller Display Displays the number of the person calling you on your PC.
Call History For a list of received, missed and dialled calls.