What you need

Check your PC is compatible

Before you download your FREE BT Softphone software, please check to make sure your PC is compatible.

Check minimum PC requirements

Create your Display Name

To use BT Softphone, you need to create a unique Display Name. Your Display Name is used to log in to BT Softphone, and is displayed to others when using instant messaging features. You'll need to have your BT Broadband Talk account details to hand when you register.

Create a Display Name

Headset, Handset or Webcam

To make and receive calls with BT Softphone, you need a headset or handset that plugs into your PC. If you use Windows XP and you would like to enjoy video calls, you will need a webcam for your PC.

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Get BT Softphone

  1. Create a Display Name
  2. Download the FREE software
  3. Click to install