Crayon Ci

Actionable customer insight

We generate optimal or realistic solutions based on existing data, using technology and statistics to give answers to business questions.

Our analysts mine data, discover and understand historical patterns, recommend the most appropriate approach and build tools to improve business performance. We have an experienced team of analyst and econometricians to make sense of your data and bring it all together.


  • Customer focused solutions
    • Understanding your audience
    • Acquisition
    • Retention
    • Up sell and cross sell
  • Business focused solutions
    • Forecasting
    • Optimisation models
    • ‘What if?’ analysis
  • Our own bespoke data products allow us to generate customer insight you can actually use, allowing our people to drive even greater value from your data.
    • Continuum
    • Values
    • Vertue

Quick facts

  • Based in Basingstoke, Hampshire
  • Rebranded following the acquisition of Acquity Customer Insight Limited