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Comic Relief Climbers Conquer Mount Kilimanjaro
Ain’t No Mountain High Enough as all Nine Celebrities have succeed in Doing Summit for Money!

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Ben Shephard

Coming soon!

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Isabel Rimmer | Mon Feb 9 10:05:13
Good Luck with your agility course!!!! im sure you will have the Krypton Factor to inspire you to reach the top!!! All the best to you and your fellow climbers!! Love Isabel and the Jeffs Travel team in Banbury, Oxfordshire! xx
Lydia | Tue Feb 10 9:53:09
Hi Ben, just wanting to wish you loads of luck, think this is an amazing experience, I'm very very jealous, wish I could be up there with you!!!! xxx
Jo Shephard | Sun Feb 15 11:48:35
Hi Ben - best of luck & dont forget to wear your thermal
Miss Kimberley Mcmann | Fri Feb 20 9:04:57
Id just like to say very good luck and hope you do really well ben at the climb, just remember what its for at the end of the day as you are doing it for a great cause mate. Good Luck xxx
Helen Jones | Mon Feb 23 23:28:56
All the best Ben You can do this we are all behind you,a very good cause x
Terry and Julie Burchell | Tue Feb 24 15:15:16
Our daughter Samantha is climbing the mountain with James this week. What a great experience for you all. Good luck to all the team and take care of yourselves. Julie xx
Sarah Jones | Thu Feb 26 13:01:00
Good luck Ben - No doubt Ivan will now want to climb Everest in competition!
Kylie | Fri Feb 27 10:35:26
Hey Ben! All the best! We are all behind you here! x
Carole Symonds | Fri Feb 27 22:36:37
Please Ben, can you bring me back a piece of ice, thank you very much!!!!!!! May you have all the luck, strength, and stamia that you ned and want for this trip. Have a nice one xxx
Kyle | Sat Feb 28 12:51:23
Hi Ben, good luc, ly!
maggie asher | Sat Feb 28 15:21:38
Go for it Ben. I saw you playing football last year, that too was energetic you were excellent, so you can do this!!!!!!!xxxxxx
Josie Bull | Sat Feb 28 18:11:21
Good Luck Ben - hope all goes well for you. Will miss u on GMTV though !!
Cheryl Oliver | Sat Feb 28 20:49:50
Hi Ben My son and his friend climbed Kili for charity He recomends you all stay off any thing with caffine in it helps combat the altitude sickness.All the very best to you all!.!!!
melissa | Sat Feb 28 23:53:15
good luck ben =) i know you can do it !!! make us proud :) luv melissa
Lesley Walsh | Sun Mar 1 0:16:17
Good Luck Ben - You can do it! Lesley x
Annette aka Netty | Sun Mar 1 10:35:48
Hi Ben, From 1 Hammer fan to another all the very best, take care look after yourself and give my best to all of the celebs you are all doing an amazing thing and I will be thinking of you all Netty xx
Pauline Newton | Sun Mar 1 19:05:01
Hi Ben - I think you are brilliant raising money in this way. Enjoy the climb take care and come home safely.xxxxxxx
trudy chudleigh | Sun Mar 1 21:52:38
Hey Ben, as i am writing you and the gang have started your challenge..., i am sooooo jealous as that is the one of the things on my to do list. Take care, good luck and enjoy ...we know you can all do it and we are right behind you, well not literally right behind going love The Chudleigh's xx
chloe | Sun Mar 1 22:19:50
Good Luck Ben, your doing a brillant thing you should be very proud!!! We'll be thinking of you and following your progress!!
Ben | Sun Mar 1 23:54:38
Go Ben, Wish i was in ur shoes climbing Kilomajaro with some of the hottest celebs in the world at the moment, Nice to c u raising loads of money for charity , RND09 :p
pauline hinsley | Mon Mar 2 9:48:40
good luck ben.keep up the good work "aint no mountain high enough!!!"
Bronwen B | Mon Mar 2 12:03:39
All the very best of luck - you are a real trooper! You are an insiration to all of us for all you do.... I will so miss you in the morning :-)
Glenis | Mon Mar 2 12:31:27
Go Ben go, with you all the way you will do a million no bother
stacey peaks | Mon Mar 2 19:23:53
your doing great ben well done love you all good luck to all of you your so great supporting you all the way you can all do it good luck
Sue and Vicky Peck | Mon Mar 2 23:45:51
Good luck Ben,we admire you for what you are doing.Enjoy the ex perience,take care,come back safe and please look after Gary!!!
Liz | Mon Mar 2 23:51:09
Best of luck Ben, you can do it. GMTV is not the same without you!!! Your all amazing to put yourselves through this. x
Denise Duguid | Tue Mar 3 9:16:30
Hi Ben,good luck on your journey climbing Kilomanjaro,were all behind you, its for a great cause, you can do it Denise x
trudy chudleigh | Tue Mar 3 21:15:20
hey ben...hope you are all ok, you should be very proud of yourselves you are all doing great..even though i miss waking upto you every morning..i mean on gmtv of going and big hugs to you
Beth | Wed Mar 4 16:04:27
hi ben good luck i know you and everyone with you the very best of luck. GMTV is'nt the same without you in the morning hope you dont get altitude sickness or anyone alse does. hope you all get up and back down the mountain agin sfe and sound without any injuries. hopefully shine didnt sound anthing like the shine in your nightmare lol luv bethxx :)
sue green | Thu Mar 5 12:27:04
Hi, Ben, you are doing this for all the couch potatoes at home. The whole group are doing an awesome job, everyone is so proud of you and the team. I am disabled and a senior citizen, wish I had the energy to do something, but my thought energy is supporting you all, Well done!
traci | Thu Mar 5 13:40:11
hi ben,with u all the way,keep goin ur doin fantastic, u and the others r amazin to do this best of luck to u all...traci c
rita jackson | Thu Mar 5 14:06:34
just to let you know that all your friends on gmtv are thiking of you. and so am i. so hurry back.
Ann Hobson | Thu Mar 5 14:27:33
Keep it up Ben, Stricktly next xx
Jo | Thu Mar 5 15:15:44
You are doing an amazing job, keep going!
Andrea Powrie | Thu Mar 5 18:29:26
You are all doing superb climbing one of the most notorious Mountain ranges, good luck to you all, may you reach the target..stay safe...massive hugs to you all, heaps of love too xx
Roger | Fri Mar 6 10:41:54
Hope at least some of you made it to the top. I got there in 2003 so I know how hard it can be - but it is really exhilarating too - especially if you are lucky with the weather - the sunrise over Mawenzi peak from the summit (Uhuru) is a fantastic sight. I wish I was there too - but at least I have paid some sonsorship for you.
Gillian | Fri Mar 6 17:27:19
Hi Ben. Ur doing an amazing job for charity. Miss u not being on the GMTV sofa in the mornings. Hope u all get home safe. x x x x x
Sue and Vicky Peck | Sat Mar 7 9:54:10
WOW BEN!You`ve made it,well done!You and the gang have helped raise £1.25million so far.You should all feel proud of yourselves.Have a good rest now and take care.XXXXX
Becca | Sat Mar 7 15:11:52
You are all doing an amazing job... Keep your spirits high, you will be home soon! Take care.

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