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Comic Relief Climbers Conquer Mount Kilimanjaro
Ain’t No Mountain High Enough as all Nine Celebrities have succeed in Doing Summit for Money!

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Cheryl Cole

The BT Red Nose Climb will be one of the toughest things I'll ever do, but I know that it won't be as tough as the situations faced by millions of people living difficult lives every day. By sponsoring the Kili team you'll help Comic Relief make a real difference, so go to and give as much as you can.

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Scottie | Thu Jan 29 19:22:44
Go for it Cheryl. Are girls louder on the mountain? Let us hear you yodelay-hee-hoo. And, good luck x
Emily Melson | Tue Feb 3 20:56:35
Good luck Cheryl, your doing a great thing for a great charity! You make me proud to be northen!! All the best XXX
Cat x | Wed Feb 4 18:11:16
Go Cheryl ! :) You can do it. Good Luck :)
Elena | Thu Feb 5 14:14:24
Power to the Girls! Go Cheryl and show the way to make others simle and be happy just with your smile and some steep steps to the top. Do not stretch yourself too much though: we want you back safe and sound to very soon be OUT OF CONTROL (e.g. tour) =o)
Nathalie | Fri Feb 6 22:01:40
Hey Cheryl! What a great thing you are doing for Comic Relief! You go girl! During my industrial placement year within the BT Charity Programme I helped to organise one of their fundraising treks to the Himalayas, which I was even given the oportunity to take part in. I was soo scared of the great challenge ahead but once you are there you will enjoy every minute of it! It wont be easy, but I can assure you that the BT Charity Programme will look after you and that this will be one of the best things you have ever done in your life! Good luck and have an awesome time! xxx P.s Dont forget a head tourch, compeed plasters & a camel pack!
Leah Rudd | Tue Feb 10 21:18:32
Hey Cheryl x GOOD LUCK with the climb hope it all goes well for you and Kimberly :). hope it all goes to plan and can't wait to see you and the rest of the girls on 5th May in Newcastle :) your a canny lass like all me best Leah xxx
Lauren Darch | Tue Feb 10 22:01:44
Good luck Cheryl, hope you have fun climbing and try to have fun with Kimberley while you are camping. Im sure the camping wont be that bad! The highest i have ever climbed is Snowdon in wales. Good luck to you and the others climbing with you xxx
Lyndsey Wright | Wed Feb 11 11:21:20
Go for it Cheryl, i think its such a good thing that your doing, good luck, make sure you all look after each other! xxx
Michelle Moran | Wed Feb 11 15:41:56
good luck !!! i think your doing a great thing :) i have climbed snowdonia in wales and that was hard enough so make sure you get loadsssss of training !!!! it will be tough but im sure you will be fine aslong as you all stick together p.s hugggggggggeeeeeeee fan of girls aloud :D xxx
Chloe | Wed Feb 11 17:21:31
Good Look Cheryl! I Hop You Do Absolutley Fantastic And Kimberley! I Love Girls Aloud Too Pieces. Do The North Proud. Im A West Yorkshire Girl So Kimberley Good Luck! Cant Wait To Go See Girls Aloud On Tour This Year! Good Luck. xxx
Mo | Wed Feb 11 23:18:11
Good luck fantastic job you are doing will be thinking about you and the team and hope all goes to plan. XXX
Norm | Thu Feb 12 17:03:25
I climbed it ten years ago yesterday, and was lucky enough to get to the top, though I did spew everywhere. Amazing feeling, gobsmacking sunrise, you'll never forget it. Probably never want to do it again either! Good luck all....
Clare | Fri Feb 13 17:32:23
I'm sooooooooo jelous of you all, you are so lucky the oppotunity has arisen for you all and I am happy that you decided to do it. I really hope you make loads of money for Comic Relief its a really good cause. Don't be worried about the whole tent thing it'll be fun, always keep remembering that even though you might be going through pain at the moment there are people all over the world who go through more pain every day of there life. Good luck, love you (and the band)!! Keep Smiling =)
Helen Buckley | Tue Feb 17 11:19:25
Hi, I did this in October '08 for Water Aid, is such hard work, but its all worth it when you get to the top!!! All for a good cause as well. Just make sure you wrap up warm, despite been practically on the equator its not right warm!! Do us nothern girls proud!!! Good luck. xxx
Xx Becky xX | Tue Feb 17 18:18:15
Good luck !!!! Cheryl and Kimberley !!!! hope you enjoy yourself. hope you don't miss you makeup too much but don't worry you look beautiful without it. Love you all and love your songs and good luck in the brits i voted for you !!!!! love you all and hope everything goes to plan keep it up girls. Love you all XXXXXX
Ashley Cole | Tue Feb 17 22:30:09
GO Cherly, you are fit, you can do it babes, go girlfriend!!! xxx
C | Wed Feb 18 12:41:01
Go Cheryl... I hope you are safe on your climb... I think what you are doing is a great thing and shows just how much you care. I hope you enjoy experience and good luck! I have used up almost all my credit voting for GA in the Brits and i am buying red noses and what not to helf do my bit for RND! All the best x
s | Wed Feb 18 22:55:42
Hello Cheryl, I saw you at the Brits tonight but didn't manage to get a photo or autograph :( I think you are amazing and well done to all of you for winning an award. Obviously this is going to be really hard but it's for an amazing cause and I'm sure even without luxuries and make up you will all look stunning. Good Luck! Can't wait to see you at Wembley in May :):) xx love
Mia Burt | Thu Feb 19 16:46:08
Good Luck Cheryl, i know you will do just fine, along with Kimberley! CHIM! Well done last night at the Brit Awards, the performance was amazing and about time for the award! I hope you got that Champagne out of Kimberley's dress, which you spilt on her!!! Can't wait to see you on May 20th at Birmingham! Love you loads, Mia xxxxxx
kay.xx | Thu Feb 19 22:42:13
good luck cheryl..climb that mountain like you climb the charts with the other gurls lol (how cheesy) ..cnt wait 2 see you and the girls in may at nottingham.. sooo excited!! your an inspiration love yoohhh.xx.xx
Miss Kimberley Mcmann | Fri Feb 20 9:08:49
Go cheryl you are very brave ma luv, and i look up to you a lot especially after the x factor, i think you are doing great with your career as a singer and girls aloud are amazing, and will always be my best liked girl band. Well very very good luck to you on the climb, go for it girl love kim xxx
Sophie Ringham | Sat Feb 21 16:13:56
Wow! your Girls Aloud is going off the head i love lisening to your voice im your No.1 Fan!!!! See ya Best wishes,Sophie Ringham
katie fawcett | Sun Feb 22 11:01:11
hey cheryl since you have been on the x factor you have gained many more fans including me i have just heard about the climb you are doing its fantastic well done but when i new that you was in the team that will be climbing it didn't really surprise me because you are so loving and caring you really are the loving kind well done cheryl you rock
Carly | Sun Feb 22 19:58:33
Hey Cheryl! Good luck for the climb, you are incredible and so inspiring. I know you can do and I believe in you 1000% GO FOT IT GIRL! also congratulations for winning the brits, i voted for you loads, because your amazing, you are my idol and i cant wait to see you on tour! Love you lots forever GOOD LUCK love you xxxxx carly
lily | Sun Feb 22 20:12:40
good luck cheryl hope you get lots of money for comic relief and be safe you are a great singer=].see you on tour at the o2 love from lily
Teri | Mon Feb 23 18:09:13
Good luck Cheryl !! I hope yo do really well and get loads of money for comic relief!! Also good luck on tour this year! Love from Teri P.s Go Chezza!!
kirsty | Mon Feb 23 18:44:23
hi cheryl i love you i want to grow up yo be like you and i will be with you all the time watching you climb good luck
brett walton | Mon Feb 23 19:27:07
wish i was following you up a mountain ha ha . gonna be hard but im sure you will do you got a great bunch traveling with you and all for a great cause . xxxxx GOOD LUCK xx
Denise Faley | Mon Feb 23 21:58:22
good luck cherly geordie girls are tough you can do it will u look after ronan for me
chantelle logan | Mon Feb 23 22:20:38
go cheryl good luck, the north east is behind you, keep safe and see on tour in newcastle, yr numer 1 fan frm middlesbrough
Sam Taylor | Tue Feb 24 12:17:39
Cheryl your such an inspiration to everyone, My little girls wanna be you!! Good luck to you and your fab team. Bet you all look amazing and have such a great time for such a worthy cause.
harry b-j age 8 | Wed Feb 25 20:08:19
Good luck hope you have a good time and raise loads of money from harry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
nick harris | Wed Feb 25 20:10:51
good luck cheryl,your doing a great thing for a great lookafter yourself going up there and the team. you go girl we will be watching all the u allways nick xxxxxxx
nick harris | Wed Feb 25 20:12:48
good luck cheryl,your doing a great thing for a great lookafter yourself going up there and the team. you go girl we will be watching all the u allways nick xxxxxxx from devon
beth | Wed Feb 25 21:17:43
Cheryl... wishing u allthe best for the climbyou are a brave woman,i could never do ... good luck to kimberly also... You ae an inpiration to teenagers and women... kind and caring...
Kirsty n Gazza | Wed Feb 25 22:21:15
Cheryl you go girl we will be with you all the way,your an inspiration to everyone.Take care and good luck in your climb and be safe! see you in Birmingham 1st june can't wait! your no1 fans!!!
Laura Davies | Wed Feb 25 22:42:54
good luck Cheryl, i know you can do it :) your my ultimate idol and doing this proves that your such a nice person to look up to. xxxx
lydz and alicia and yaz | Thu Feb 26 13:51:34
you is a ledge hope u do great we are your biggest fans dont give upp sonny jim at school at moment p.s all the best you are my fave celebrity from lydz
Aimee | Thu Feb 26 19:22:28
Good Luck! Hope You Reach The Top! And Get Back Down Safe An Sound Ana! XxX
Lucy | Thu Feb 26 21:08:32
You can do it chez I have faith in you!!!!!
angie | Fri Feb 27 16:34:39
cheryl my two boys and i want say all the best for the mountain climbing. and we will be caring you aswell and god bless + take care love angie xxxxxx aspatria cumbria
catherine | Sat Feb 28 11:20:29
GO CHERYL !!!!!! good luck and you better get back safe and with no broken limbs ,, because im counting down the days till the out of control tour in newcastle !!!! luuuuveee you me hero xcath xx
Hollie | Sat Feb 28 18:45:44
Heyy Cheryl, Just Popping By To Wish You All The Luck In The World Darlingg! Im Sure You Will Be Amazing And Will Show That Mountain That Girl Power Never Left. Thinking Of You, We All Have Faith In You And Are Awaiting Your Arrival Back In England To Tell Us How Amazing You Were. See You On Tour In May Babe! Reach For The Stars ... Literally, They Are Well Within Your Reach. Lots Of Love And Hugs x x x x x
Livi Moore | Sat Feb 28 22:40:01
Hey Cheryl, I am really happy that you are doing this great thing for red nose day, I hope it goes really well! I know your not going to read this but here is my support anyway, I'm a MASSIVE fan, good luck =] Livi xx
lucy | Sun Mar 1 14:24:55
go cheryl and kimberley hope you do well do girls aloud proud p.s i love girls aloud their the best band ever xxxxx
Katie Ryan | Sun Mar 1 17:36:34
You go girl! We know you can do it! All the hard work training will be worth it for sure! i am such a big fan! I'd love to meet you some day! We have no doubts that you'll reach the Summit! Anyway what an experiance! Best of luck for you and the whole team! (and good luck to Girls Aloudxx!) From ur biggest fan ever! kxx
Ffion | Sun Mar 1 18:21:55
Go Cheryl !!! I think a strong minded woman like you will make it up this mountain. Remember use your great spirit to cheer the team on.I hope you raise lots of money for Comic Relief. XxX ;)
Cathy Clapinson | Sun Mar 1 18:33:58
You have a very hard and frightening task ahead - grit your teeth and get stuck in. Just do your best and be proud for even attempting it for this great cause. xx
vicki | Sun Mar 1 23:00:02
good luck im sure you and your fellow team members will seek justice with the challege, wishing you the very best of luck and make sure you put those boys to shame lol xxxxx
Lavina Coyne | Sun Mar 1 23:12:31
All the nery best to you in doing the climb of Kilimamjaro-will be extremely tough but sooo worth it : ) wish i could do it too. Think of all the cash you raise and all the love in the world to you all xx
Michael O\Regan | Mon Mar 2 7:24:37
All the best Cheryl and the rest of the team. You are doing a great thing for charity. Keep up the good work. Say hello to Raj for us. " The Donkersley's and Anil"
Lindz | Mon Mar 2 10:36:04
Hey Cheryl,Good luck babe,you guys are doing a really fantastic thing for charity and I take my hat off to you,I used to live in africa and I no how bad it is,keep up the good work chez and make sure you look after yourself and get down safely!!lots of love from you NO1 fan.lindz.xx
debbie cragg | Mon Mar 2 13:48:52
Hi Cheryl and the rest of the team. Just wanted to let you know that you are in great hands and I know you will all get to the Summitt. Jackson was one of our guides when we climbed Kili Sept o8 for charity. He is fantastic and very knowledgeable he will cherish and support you all all the way there. It has been difficult to keep in contact with Jackson and his guides but PLEASE say Hi to him from us. He will remember us as The Kili Girls. I hope he received our photographs and wind up torches. Once again very proud of you all it will be tough but worth it its an amazing experience and you are raising so much money. GOOD LUCK.
Megan Smith | Mon Mar 2 17:03:12
Good Luck Cheryl, you are doing a super thing for charity and me and loads others are proud of you. You rule, I love your songs. Look after yourselfs out there! Love Megan. Your #1 Fan
katia | Mon Mar 2 17:14:03
Hey Chezza! hows it goin?! Hope your good x Wishing you ,Kimberley and the r4est of da group lots of luck! x Cant wait to see u preform in london in may! xx Make sure you get to the top 1st! !!! show the rest of them the geordie power! xx loads of luv xxxx :) xx
fatma | Mon Mar 2 18:47:03
good luck everyone.... cheryl ur ma your biggest fan here,,i love whatever u do..good luck and keep the good work..u have a heart of gold to go for this challenge...enjoy the hot whether darlin...tanzania is my home so im so happy to see this happenning.... goodluck to all of u..
Beth | Mon Mar 2 20:12:19
go on cheryl we Know you can do it and hope you all raise enough money for RND. can't wait to see you and the rest of GA on the 5th of may in newcastle. hope newcastle win on wednesday night against manchester united. gud luck from your no.1 fan
linda evans | Mon Mar 2 22:03:31
Good luck Cheryl. Go Girl. What you are doing is fantastic.Your mum must be so proud of you..Make sure you Kimberley and Aleisha look after each other. Take care and good luck you are amazing...
Sinead McKee | Tue Mar 3 7:34:09
Best of luck Cheryl, climbed Kili in Jan and know what its like. pole pole slow slow and enjoy the view from the top. I have every faith in you all.
Hannah Draper | Tue Mar 3 11:59:53
Hi Cheryl, hope u r well. u lot are doin a smashin job and u should b very proud of yourselves. this is when celebs do make positive role models! hope chris's snoring isn;t keepin u awake to much! take care and stay strong1!xxxxxxxx
angie | Tue Mar 3 16:01:54
Hi chez when i seen you in the paper yesterday you looked frantic with the mountain clothes on. and i also liked your hat aswell. all the best coming down the mountain. i will be thinking of you all the way. and take care xxxxxxxxxxx aspatria cumbria
Beth | Tue Mar 3 19:51:44
hi cheryl its beth again gud look i know you can do it at least you are doing it for a gud cause also show them what we gordie lases can do. luv ya xx :) ps what are you missing most about home and stay safe xx
megan | Tue Mar 3 20:04:01
good luck cheryl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't wait to see how you and the group do!!! i recon that you are sooo determind and will make it to the top first!!! good luck!
NIGEL BAILEY | Wed Mar 4 0:16:10
go for it cheryl you are truely great show the world what northerners are made of
Cin | Wed Mar 4 10:56:58
Hi Cheryl just to let u know I think it's a fantastic thing you are doing and that more people ought to be like you, I do really look up to you. p.s v. happy untouchable is next single and get well Kimberley!
nataliee | Wed Mar 4 11:35:07
Well chez, you and the team have impressed us loads so far, just no that your going to acheive so much more, hope that your all well !! keep a positive attitude! and just do your best which is wot you are doing! i must say you have some guts ! i wouldnt do it my fear of hights would get the better of me altho its for a fantastic charity! hope you all get to the summit safe and well .. thinking of you .. keep going i no you can do it .. the higher you get the higher the money goes :D (no pressure) LOL!! good luck stay safe .. lots of love Natalie xx3 xx
Livi Moore | Wed Mar 4 21:22:04
hey Cheryl! I have been keeping up to date with the climb and your all doing extremely well =] ! I have watched all the videos but I was hoping to see you talk but no sign :P....So just a little request from me there...I really do look up to you and spend a lot of time talking about you :P...Good luck to all of you! xxxx Livi
linda evans | Thu Mar 5 9:47:49
I know you are not feeling to good today cheryl but keep going we are all willing you up the mountain.The money is going up and up you are doing a wonderful thing.Take care and keep safe.Love to Kimberley and Alisha.. lin xxx
Gerry | Thu Mar 5 11:47:31
Cheryl, The whole of the north east is routing for you and the team, brilliant cause... Keep going even thoughit will feel like you are finished, every step helps another child survive a disease, in years to come you will be so proud of what you are doing, go girl go....
vicki | Thu Mar 5 12:25:32
was nice hearing you on the radio this morning you sounded well and refreshed from the drama yesterday well done girl your doing fantastic up there in the clouds xxx
sherrie,Demi and Kaci | Thu Mar 5 20:45:16
good luck 8 year old twin girls and i absolutely adore you.we think your so brave and everyone else on the girls always watch X factor and your their favourite judge.well done and we send you and Kimberley all our best wishes for the climb.lots of love xxxxxxx
x--ali--bigg fann--x | Thu Mar 5 21:42:15
love u cheryl x u fab u can do it :) good luck to u an kimberley luv yas millions see yas in may p.s. me an me mate think girls aloud are fabb xxxxxx
Lavina Coyne | Fri Mar 6 20:04:15
Hi Cheryl Been watching all the vids to check out all your progress-you have all done amazing :) Just a wee last message of support for you all in the final push-I'm sure you are all exhausted and buzzing all same :) exhilarated but totally knackered :) good luck hun and enjoy the spectacular sunrise-be safe-see you back in Britain lol xx
Molly sherman | Sat Mar 7 20:11:38
hey cheryl, i luv u you will do really well when you do the climb i hope u reach your target of £300.000 for charity gd luck to all the others and i love them all aswell... gdgd luck and hope u achieve your target of CLIMBING THT MOUNTAIN WHOOOO you go girl
Vicky Alston | Sun Mar 8 0:04:31
Hi Cheryl, You are the best in the would! Hope you survive on the top of Kilimanjaro! I wanna be just like you! I wish i could come with you I miss you loads! You are such a good singer! Are you going solo? I am reading your book - Cheryl Cole Her Story-The Unauthorized Biography! I know alllllllllllllllllllllll about you you are the best! Forget about all the others who are saying they are your NO1 fan I am! Nothing will stop me thinking about you all the time! You (Cheryl Cole), Kimberly Walsh, Nicola Roberts, Nadine Coyle and Sarah Harding ROCK! Cant wait to see you on tour on Wednesday 3rd of June! You are sooo thoughtfull to put yourself trough a whole week without makeup! You still look FAB without it! I sing your songs all the time even in school times, I hum them in my head when the teacher is talking! You are truely th loving kind to do such a hard thing! As I say good look in the climb hope you raise lots of money! Lots of love your NUMBER 1 FAN ! ! ! ! ! Good luck Chez xxxxx
Cheryl lover | Mon Mar 9 8:34:25
hi cheryl i think ur an absolutely amazing person!! ive loved u from day one on popstars i thought u were the most beautiful and the most pretiest person i have evr seen in my life!! good luck and i know u will do it! i think girls aloud and i know that they are the best girl band around and i know u are for defo's! love u cheryl! ur my afve judge on x-factor! and i cant wait to c u on this year in 09 too! support u all the way i love u loads babes! safe journey back home p.s could you give kimberley my best wishes and a big kiss from me as im a yorkshire lass too!!! lol and oh sorry big up to u as a geordie lass!! too i think ur accent is really sexy!!! i love it wish i had it too!! bye love u both (cheryl and kimberley!!)
Gillian | Mon Mar 9 20:23:18
Hi Cheryl. Ur doing an amazing thing for an amazing charity. Hope to see u back on the X Factor. Ur the best judge theres been. U r a fantastic person. Cant wait to see u and the girlz on Dancing on Ice on Sunday. Keep doing what ur doing. x x x x

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