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Comic Relief Climbers Conquer Mount Kilimanjaro
Ain’t No Mountain High Enough as all Nine Celebrities have succeed in Doing Summit for Money!

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Chris Moyles

I'm seventeen and a half stone and I'm climbing one of the biggest mountains on the planet. If that's not worth £5 of your money then I don't know what is.

Please sponsor us at to make all the pain worthwhile!

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Scottie | Thu Jan 29 19:25:06
GO Moylesey. I recon you'll be able to leave a few of those stones up the mountain. It's a bit of a tradition with hill climbing.
Justin | Mon Feb 2 23:31:17
Good to see you up on the site. : )
Lisa Hughes | Sat Feb 7 11:52:16
Go on Chris Can't wait to hear about your stories on your return after reaching the top!!
stacey peaks | Sun Feb 8 19:39:04
good luck chris u will be great mate u can do it u have gary with u lol he rocks
Lydia | Tue Feb 10 9:54:11
Chris, very excited about seeing you get to the top, love yor show! good luck xxxx
Tanya | Tue Feb 10 13:35:32
Good luck Chris, you can do it - i'm climbing Kili in September for charity so can't wait to watch your progress!
Gavin Burton | Wed Feb 11 9:48:17
Good luck chris! you will be fine Leeds boys are warriors!!
Carrie Regan | Wed Feb 11 13:50:52
Good luck to you and Rachel - I'll be listening each monring for updates - you can do it
Caroline Lord | Wed Feb 11 14:38:51
Chris you leg-end :-0) I think you're doing extremely well already with all your training. You and Rachel will be fabulous, I'm sure and I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. Just keep thinking of the lovely cool beer you can have when you get back to the bottom. Give Gary a kiss from me please, cheers!!! xxxxxx
Nia | Fri Feb 13 22:54:38
Chris you put a smile on my face every morning, i LOVE your show, good luck, im sure you'll make it up 2 the top, cant wait 2 see the photo's xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Michelle Crookes | Sat Feb 14 9:59:18
Good luck Chris, just think you could be as buff as Ben when you return!!
stacey peaks | Fri Feb 20 21:06:27
happy birthday chris for sunday love the song gary sung so funny
Yvonne Wykes | Sat Feb 21 0:26:04
you're WICKED !! show them what northeners are all about : )
aaron | Sat Feb 21 17:18:36
moylesey get that big arse up that mountain, and show everyone us fatties can do it better.......... good luck cris.
Jan | Mon Feb 23 21:31:19
Go for it Chris! Do something Leeds havent done for a while - get to the top! Good Luck. xx
Daniel | Thu Feb 26 15:30:26
Good luck Chris, Iam really proud of you mate. I will be following you and your pals every day. Make us proud
Denise Vivian | Thu Feb 26 18:10:44
Good Luck to you all, I hope the commentary will be as funny as the secret!! snowdon climb. xxxx
Shermy | Thu Feb 26 19:58:07
Go Moylesy! Think your show is great - the number of times I get caught chuckling out loud on the train on the way into work. Vernon's good but he's just not the same! You're totally going to make it up that mountain - you always do what you put your mind to - will look out for the pics of you at the top.
Linda Craig | Thu Feb 26 21:14:57
Wishing you and Rachel loads of luck. I know you can do it. Can't wait to hear the stories when you get back. xxx
Geoff Nichols | Sun Mar 1 2:57:17
Chris you're very brave to be doing Kmj. I'm pretty certain you'll keep the rest of the team going with your great sense of humour. I'm sure I speak for all the listeners of your show when I say I am immensly proud of you and the rest of the team for taking on such a huge challenge. Get to the top mate and wipe the smiles off the faces of all the cynics and critics - we know you can do it. Everyone is rooting for you. Take care mate.
Katie Ryan | Sun Mar 1 17:56:55
WOW! i wish i were you and i could do the climb! i am 100% sure you'll reach the top Chris!Som of the stones will be left at the summit of Killi i promise! Lol! Good luck keep smiling and keep everyone updated! Stay warm lol you get my £5.00! K xx
Claire McDonnell | Sun Mar 1 19:35:47
Good luck, I know you can do it. I thought of you this morning when I started my 16 mile training run towards my attempt to run this years London Marathon. You can do it! xx
Sarah | Sun Mar 1 19:40:31
Well done Chris! These things are part of the hardest thing you'll ever do but you'll love every minute. When it gets tough just think of why your doing it! Always helps to push you that bit further! Best of luck! Can't wait to hear the stories! x x
Reg of the Mob | Sun Mar 1 20:07:39
I'm really rootin for ja Chris. For a "big boned guy" it'll be such an acheivement. 100% sure you'll do it your so determind. Love the breckie show - look forward to hearing your tails when you get back.
martyn hepworth | Sun Mar 1 20:27:44
Go Go Go Chris, good look for the climb Chris taking a bit of yorkshire up the mountain. show em how. Martyn from Queensbury, Bradford.
Karen | Sun Mar 1 22:19:46
Go Chris, i think you are all fantastic! Love and good luck to you all! xxx
PAUL W | Mon Mar 2 8:31:18
good luck chris, drink plenty, fight through the pain, look after your feet and have fun dude.
Cassie | Mon Mar 2 14:47:04
You were still sounding very enthusiastic this morning! Keep up the spirits - really enjoying hearing about your training and now your journey. What a fab effort and so exciting! Well done and lots of love and luck.
stacey peaks | Mon Mar 2 19:18:17
your doing great chris well done :) keep going you can do it good luck to all of you i know you can do it bless you gary you can do it your all amazing
Pam Ritchie | Mon Mar 2 21:00:54
Go On Chris Keep Going you are doing really well. Hit the wall keep topped up with fluids and .........enjoy it You are raising so much money amazing affort!
Georgia Burt | Mon Mar 2 21:20:47
what an incredible change you have made to your life and so many can do this...go for take so many with you. x
Liz | Mon Mar 2 23:59:27
Go for it Chris!!! Your show is great and always sets me up for work. It must be a great experience and think of all the money your raising. Well done!!!!!!
Denise Duguid | Tue Mar 3 9:21:12
Good luck your doing absolutely brillant,Im following you and the team progress GO MOYLES GO you will make it and make us all proud Denise from Dundee
Juliet Findley | Tue Mar 3 10:45:00
Keep going Chris - you can do it - Leeds were quite entertaining last night but you should have seen Oldham's pink shirts! gross
James | Tue Mar 3 18:15:04
Go chris! I listen to ur show every mornin b4 skool and missin u already but vernons a good replacement
[email protected] | Wed Mar 4 8:12:31
Well done Chris you are raising an absolutely amazing amount of money well done to you and the rest of the team always look forward to hearing how you are getting on daily. Good luck to you all love Mandy from Reading
Beth | Wed Mar 4 16:15:32
hi chris good luck come on you can do it and make it to the top without any injuries. radio 1 just isnt the same without you, i miss listen to you on the radio every moring when im going to school so plz stay safe so you can come straight back to work. luv bethxx:)
Anna B | Thu Mar 5 11:08:17
Keep going Chris, you are so strong and are doing so much good for the world by your challenge and raising so much money. Sending you all our love and best wishes, KEEP GOING!!!
Jo | Thu Mar 5 15:22:20
Hey hey! Keep going you're well inspiring and def. down wiv the kids! x
Sharon, Jade and Jordan | Thu Mar 5 18:46:25
Heard to on the radio yesterday and was great to hear your voice. Good luck with the climb and wish I was doing it so I could walk behind Gary Barlow and check his rear out! xx
jacqui | Thu Mar 5 18:52:22
Cant wait to buy the DVD of the climb!!! It's great that you are all doing so much for the children, I've donated on 88808 and will do again, especialy when I watch the climb on 11th. Well done!! (I know you'll all make it!!) Jac
Mark | Fri Mar 6 0:21:53
Go Chris!! Go Chris, been following you and all the team, your doing an amazing job, keep going and think of the beer when you get down lol Can't believe how much you have all raised already.. Good luck for your last few days YOU CAN DO IT
Mel | Fri Mar 6 8:46:24
Moylesey and gang, keep up the good work the nation and all Radio 1 listeners are behind you. The amount of money raised so far is incredible and you should all be so proud of yourselves. Mel - Crawley. xx
Rhiannon | Sat Mar 7 10:05:33
MOYLESEY!!!!!! hehe you go man love ya to pieces i am very proud of you all of the radio 1 is behind you and MEEEEE lots and lots and lots of love 14 year old Rhiannon xxxxxxx p.s i am thinking of you always xxxxxx
Sue | Sat Mar 7 14:07:05
Well done Chris and gang, you did it! I bet that first beer will taste fantastic. You raised so much money for Comic Relief you should feel very proud of yourselves Sue - Bridgend xxx
James | Sat Mar 7 15:07:56
well done 2 every1 for makin it 2 the top u have raised an incredible amount of money 4 a great charity well done!!!!!!

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