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Comic Relief Climbers Conquer Mount Kilimanjaro
Ain’t No Mountain High Enough as all Nine Celebrities have succeed in Doing Summit for Money!

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Kimberley Walsh

You don't have to climb mountains; you can leave that to us! Just make sure you make our climb up Mount Kilimanjaro worth it by sponsoring the Kili team at The important thing is the money you raise will be spent by Comic Relief to transform lives in the UK and Africa so please give as much as you.

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Rob | Tue Feb 3 9:14:25
Show how we do it in Yorkshire Kim!!!
Sabine Brignell | Wed Feb 4 1:58:42
hi Kinberley just want to wish you the Best of British - I wish I could do the mountain climb and being a Capricorn I have a great desire to do this great trek for Comic Relief. I have volunteered over the years and loved every minute! I hope I can get involved again this time!
Cat x | Wed Feb 4 18:12:41
Go Kimberly ! You can do it. :) Good Luck :)
Elena | Fri Feb 6 9:28:38
You go Girl! Up to the top making a difference only by following a path with your smile. Take care and be safe. Good Luck =o)
Barry Cooke | Sat Feb 7 8:18:30
This should be a breeze for your multi-talented self Kimberley, good luck and have fun!
stef shambrook | Tue Feb 10 23:51:58
nice one kimberly..its amazin to see that so many celebs are doi n there bit for this fantastic cause... its great to know that your still lookin out for those in need. wish you all the luck and remember you got the support of britain to take you to the top good luck x
Rebecca Smart | Wed Feb 11 11:57:26
Hey Kimberley, we love love you so much and will be rooting for you all the way. Ping Ping Ping - Hi this is kimberley walsh. Haha. You are amazing for doing it, all the best don't fall off!!. x x x x x
Michelle Moran | Fri Feb 13 21:38:38
hey ping ping ping lol ..... good luck !!!! its going to be hard but u can defo do it :) just make sure you all stick together xxxxx ---- love girls aloud :D
Amy Dunn | Tue Feb 17 15:10:57
Kimberley Walsh what a legendd :) great to see that my favourite celeb is doing something lovelyy xxxx good luck supporting you all the wayyy xxxx Lots of loveee amyyy xxxxxxx
donna | Wed Feb 18 2:25:55
hi kimberley, good on u for doing this, i know i couldnt! show all the boys and sceptics wat a woman on a mission can do! good luck and remember its 4 the kids>
caroline | Thu Feb 19 13:33:17
What a fantastic cause you are doing this for! Very best of luck to you Kimberley. I wish you all the best for the climb. I am sure you can do it coz anything you and cheryl put your mind to, you manage to succeed in!!! Try not to hurt yourself as am looking forward to watching girls aloud on tour. P.S Well done on getting a brit-you girls deserve it.
Ashleigh | Fri Feb 20 9:50:06
Hiya Kimberley. Good Luck and hope it all goes well for you and cheryl..can't wait to see you in May at Birmingham xx
Yvonne Wykes | Sat Feb 21 0:20:39
you go girl...!! show them what northern girls are all about!!!
katie fawcett | Sun Feb 22 11:10:37
well done kimberly you shine out ffrom the rest of the girls for me because you are hard working kind funny always smiling and just so cheery so you will be able to make all of the childreen smile when you have raised a mountain of cash for them good luck and well done
Alice | Mon Feb 23 17:52:17
Well done kimberley your the best in girls aloud and good luck with everything!
Teri | Mon Feb 23 18:11:26
Heya Kimbers!! Good luck climbing the mountain!! I hope you and Cheryl do well, you make a great team!! Love Teri xx
kirsty | Mon Feb 23 18:49:18
go kim! i know you can do it. i will be watching you good luck
emma shinwari | Wed Feb 25 21:34:19
go for it kimberly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good luck&stay; safexxxx
Hollie | Sat Feb 28 18:47:40
Hey Kimba. Good Luck Darlingg, If Anyone Can Do It Its You! With Cheryl Beside You Theres Nothing You Cant Do So Go And Show That Mountain What Us Girls Are Made Of!! Thinking Of You, Reach For The Stars Babe! Lots Of Love And Hugs! x x x x x x x
Olivia | Sat Feb 28 20:32:54
Hiya! Hope you have a good time going up Kilimanjaro! Do it for all your fans!!! x Olivia x
Sammie Jane Tupman | Sat Feb 28 22:55:18
wo go kimberley ad cheryllll. i have every faith in you 2. your my idols. cnt w8 to see girls aloud this yrr. good luck yu 2 girls. you so can do it. stay safe tooo. :) xxx
lucy | Sun Mar 1 9:09:07
go kimberly you can do it i hope you and cheryl do well be a team xxxx
verity t | Sun Mar 1 10:49:35
ha kim its verity here i am with u all the way so u keep on training and u will do it.xxxxxx
rachel | Sun Mar 1 11:55:12
good luck kimberley,i am sure you will make it to the top be strong,you cheryl aleesha and fearne are a team see you in manchester on 16th may ooc tour.
Nicola | Sun Mar 1 12:30:37
hey kimba, well poud of u and chez make me even prouder to be a GA fan. keep up the hard work and i send my love and strength love u lots x nic x x x x
Katie Ryan | Sun Mar 1 17:49:17
GO GO GO GUYS!!!!! We have great faith in you! You and Cherly- great friends-great singers, the perfect team! Just keep you'r head up high and keep on smiling! :D Just think of the feeling you'l get when you reach the summit! AMAZING! I wish i were there but i have school! :( Darn it not looking forward to that 1 bit! I wish i could meet you some day! Lol! Love you guys from you'r big fan katiexxxxxxxxxxx :D
Pauline Newton | Sun Mar 1 19:17:31
Hi Kimberley - girl power- you go girl. Have a wonderful time and safe experience. Take care. I know that you can all do
Laura Burnham | Sun Mar 1 19:35:51
Gooooo Kimberley!! I know you can do it.. iv sponsored you.. =] hope ya have a great time.. just stay safe and good luck love ya xxxxxxxxx
Lavina Coyne | Sun Mar 1 23:18:11
Hi Kimberley-best of luck to you all- I think you are all amazing to do this for comic relief and will get shed loads of cash :) I'm sure you and Cheryl will do brill as you're great together-fab friends and tight as anything! you WILL both do it :)
Lindz | Mon Mar 2 10:38:50
You go girl!!You and chez are going to tear that mountain up,you 2 make a good team.keep safe,lots of love.xx
holly | Mon Mar 2 17:07:45
go kim u can do it!!!!!! show them how 2 do it
Nicola Thomson | Mon Mar 2 17:56:28
Hi kimberley just to say good luck i no you can do it .. wish i could climb along side you Love Nicola p.s im ure no 1 fan x x x
joseph | Mon Mar 2 18:24:47
Hi kiberley joseph here you better climber than cheryl xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
stacey peaks | Mon Mar 2 19:19:37
you can do it girl your doing great love ya your all amazing love you all so proud of you all im supporting you all the way
joseph | Tue Mar 3 8:37:02
Hi kimberley best of luck you can beat all of them. love joseph
Jenny | Tue Mar 3 14:15:30
Good Luck Kim - I know you will make it! You & Chez make a great team so you will be a great support to each other throughout this journey!! And all the guys will look after you, I'm sure!! Have a fab time, come back safely! I look forward to seeing you both in May!!! lots of love x x x x
Beth | Tue Mar 3 16:09:20
hi kimberley u and cheryl cn do it, hope u all make it to the top without any injuries and raise u have all helped me through the bad times with your music cant wait to see you and the girls at newcastle on the 5th may on the out of controll tour love the album by the way its fantastic luv bethxxxx :)
Jona | Tue Mar 3 18:27:56
Go on Gorgeous!!!!!! hope it all goes well, im thinking of you!
Beth | Tue Mar 3 19:59:40
hi kimberley gud look on the climb i know u can do it and i hope you raise loads of cash for comic relief. you and chez and the rest of GA are my idols you's have helped me through the bad times, when i listen to your music i suddenly switch off and forget everything and every on around me. what do you miss the most about home and plz stay safe luv you loads xxx :)
vicki | Wed Mar 4 10:00:51
well done girls and boys your all doing so well, a very well done too u all and remember keep smiling xxxxxx
vicki | Thu Mar 5 10:29:32
come on kimberly your all doing brill , heard you were unwell yesteerday but hope you feel better now, your over half way now so well done keep smiling hun xxx
Jo | Thu Mar 5 15:32:04
Go, go, go lots of love, x
Pippa Rooney | Sat Mar 7 15:59:20
U can do this Kimberley! I luv girls aloud they're my fave singers ever and am coming 2 c u live at the 02 on may 24th! CAN'T WAIT!!!! I no u guys can do this, gd luck!
Vicky Alston | Sun Mar 8 0:07:39
Kimberly you ROCK! You go girl! Good luck with the climb and cant wait to see you and the rest of the girls on tour 3rd June! You are my NUMBER 1 FAN! Love Vickyxxxx
Lindz | Sun Mar 8 9:33:21
Well done Kimberley on reaching the top of the summit,sooooo proud of you and the rest of the team for doing sooo amazing!!lots of love.xx

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