Social media and WOM

Helping brands become more social

Many brands are making their first steps in the social world. Understandably, these brands don’t have the experience to gauge what goes into a comprehensive ‘social approach’.

There are three key principles brands need to understand before they undertake any activity, and we are happy to explain each of them in more detail:

Principle 1

Social media is a culture and a conversation NOT just a marketing channel

Principle 2

It’s about social ideas not social media

Principle 3

Commit, don’t (just) campaign

Our social media approach

Everything you do (or can do) to be more social can fall under two interrelated objectives:

  • Get talked about - positively
  • Get closer to people

So how do we help our clients achieve this?

  • Listen - Social Media monitoring
  • Understand - Generating insights from monitoring
  • Plan - Designing ‘Social Activities’ based on insights
  • Engage - Implementing ‘Social Activities’
  • Measure - Assessing the performance of ‘Social Activities’ and documenting learning’s

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