Social Media Campaign - BT


Increase consumer interaction with the brand and data capture

  • Crowd-sourcing social campaign built around ATL campaign
  • Website design  and build, fully integrated with all significant social channels
  • 1.65 million votes in 4 weeks


The ongoing success of the ATL Adam and Jane campaign presented the perfect opportunity for BT to increase the level of interactivity viewers and users have with the campaign and brand online, whilst also capturing useful data in the process.  We knew we could take the initial campaign concept further online, and so focused on allowing people to spread the campaign footage through online viral methods, supporting the offline PR campaign.


A pre-vote TV ad was broadcast with the relevant call to action, driving people through to the voting site where they could choose; whether she was pregnant or not.  The chance to win a dinner at the BT Tower was the incentive for the data capture process, whilst a discussion forum for the public allowed users to share their ideas on what should happen. Users were then asked to return for the big reveal, at which stage the ad became the main feature of the page.  With the data captured we were able to feed their details into BT’s ongoing CRM programme for effective use in the future.


It was a quick and easy campaign that delivered public affiliation with the story and characters, shown through the 1.65 million people votes, 750K unique page visits, 39K sign ups, and 89 direct sales generated over the four weeks.  Almost 2/3 of the votes counted asked for Jane to become pregnant.  We were also able to measure an increase in other landing page visits as a result of the voting page feeding back into the main site