Digital community campaign - BT Digital Music Awards


Community platform for voting included videos, celebrity blogs

  • Banners, award winning viral and email marketing
  • Fully engaged with the youth market
  • 750,000 votes


BT were sponsoring the Digital Music Awards to try and build an affinity with a younger 18-30 year old audience. We wanted to realise the BT DMA’s potential and came up with an idea to drive a stronger community and greater engagement with a music loving audience.


For the hub of the campaign we developed a community voting platform that enabled fans to get closer to the bands and musicians they love. The bands were able post their videos on-line including a ‘vote for me’ button that they could use on their myspace and facebook pages, as well as including their celebrity blogs. To promote the campaign we developed banners, viral footage and email communications, whilst a fan voting mechanism encouraged voters to share through social channels with their friends.


Activity and engagement far outweighed expectations. Since the first year, (now in its 3rd year) votes have gone from 250,000 (10 times the target) to 750,000. The power of social media has also meant that record companies are using this as a platform to promote their latest talent. The community hub has been so successful it is also being rolled out to other initiatives such as the Isle Of Wight Festival sponsorship.