Optimisation and digital strategy - BT.com


Range of work from optimisation, usability, live chat and mobile

  • Recent optimisation project generated £2.6m sales in 6 weeks


Crayon has been working with BT for the past 7 years.   In this time BT have had to operate in an extremely fast moving, competitive and increasingly commoditised market. Offers, pricing and messaging are changing all the time and every fraction of a % on conversion can make a huge difference.


Our focus has been on detailed insight and analytics that examine customer journeys and behaviour, and because of the nature of the business (size, budgets and technology focused) we have been able to be at the cutting edge of testing and implementing the latest technologies to optimise everything on the BT.com site.  We have a number of ways which have all contributed to the site optimisation:

  • BT Live Person
  • Mobile
  • Online user tracking
  • Optimisation
  • PPC and SEO


Everything that we do for BT has to be highly measurable as we operate on payment by results. We look at getting incremental improvements quickly and often for BT, giving greatly improved ROI, faster and with little or no risk. Our website optimisation work is continual, but our most recent project for BT Vision resulted in an incremental £2.6m sales in 6 weeks.

Client: BT,