Digital strategy, insights and customer experience - AXA


Appointed to look at the digital strategy across the UK business.

  • Range of work from brand, e-commerce, optimisation, comms, social media, eCRM and mobile
  • Remit is to ‘redefine standards’ in the online space


We have recently been appointed to create the digital strategy across the whole of AXA UK’s business – covering multi channel activity with consumers and financial advisers. In a ‘dry’ heavily regulated area where trust is at an all time low, we have set ourselves the task of transforming AXA’s digital activity over the next two years, making AXA the preferred brand and whilst finding ways to activate interest whilst building the brand and improving their direct sales channels.


Digital is the one area where AXA can gain ground against it’s heavy spending competition. To do that it has to: Build trust. Trust drives preference. Inertia kills engagement. Our strategy is to:

  • Listen first, sell second.
  • Make it understandable.
  • Make it interesting.

Our first campaign idea is based around humour, increasing personal interaction and keeping the heavy financial speak simple. We’re going to develop their main website, their consumer’s first stop, and use eCRM, social media and mobile to increase their visibility and engagement channels with consumers.


Not available yet, but our focus will be on creating a strong measurement culture. We will put in place reporting systems to allow them to measure, evaluate and improve their digital strategy, making it more accountable and proving our efforts are driving positive ROI.