Integrated VAIO F-Series launch - Sony


Positioning the VAIO F-Series as ‘the’ entertainment laptop

  • Position the new laptop from Sony as ‘the’ entertainment laptop
  • “Welcome back emotion” proposition
  • Outdoor, press, in-store, online and eCRM


Noticing that most laptop advertising tended to be highly stylised or focused on technical specifications with this launch we wanted to differentiate the F Series by highlighting the features that make it Sony’s flagship entertainment laptop.


Our thinking was based around the idea that the sort of consumers we were aiming to speak to have become numb from an overload of stimulus.  We needed to awaken them by ‘bringing back emotion’ with a more intense the entertainment experience. We decided to communicate how this VAIO was beautifully developed to arouse the passions and emotions of its user.  The F Series gave the consumer the chance to ‘Welcome back Emotion’.

The creative aimed to communicate that emotional stimulation is the catalyst to the most intense entertainment experiences by using the five emotional expressions; wonder, heartache, longing, suspense and joy. Each of these brought to life and reflected one of the F Series unique core features; from the full HD screen to the Blu-ray Disc player and all incorporating the new Intel processor.


As a recent campaign we are currently awaiting sales uplift figures as a result of the campaign.