Generation Green refresh and relaunch - British Gas

British Gas

One third of all UK schools = over 4 million children reached


Generation Green is a long term programme for British Gas whose aim is to make it easy and rewarding for teachers to promote sustainability in their classroom, school and local community. Providing curriculum compliant lesson plans and teaching resources provide everything teachers need to generate exciting, engaging lessons and activities on sustainability.

As one of the greenest energy suppliers in the UK, British Gas felt it critical to encourage the next generation to learn about the importance of sustainability. Our brief was to relaunch the Generation Green programme and increase loyalty, engagement and reach of the programme to teachers, pupils and their parents.


Crayon started with interrogating the existing programme with a rigorous phase of user research and testing, analysis of the database, segmentation and engagement. Armed with a deep insight into the attitudes and behaviours over our audience, we overhauled the loyalty, engagement and communications strategy of the programme. The first priority was to relaunch the programme in time for the academic year and give teachers a much more credible, compelling and useful educational programme.

The first phase of the relaunched programme started with the brand new website from which teachers, parents and pupils could understand more about sustainability in a  practical, engaging and  educational manner. Engagement with teachers has increased significantly, as has the breadth and reach of the programme; our campaigns have ranged from empowering children to hold their own elections nationwide, to following an panel of Generation Green pupils on their trip to Parliament to deliver their Green Manifesto.


Over one third of all UK schools have now registered – bringing the total schools registered on the programme to over 11,000, and online engagement has been boosted by over 20%. Nearly as many Teaching Resources have been downloaded in the first five months since we relaunched the site as were downloaded in the first two years!

In the wider picture, British Gas customers aware of the programme are now 78% more positive about the brand, whilst there has also been an increase in brand loyalty with a rise from 48% to 59% of customers feeling they are better off staying with British Gas.