Pan-European website design & build

Honda Motorcycles (Europe)

Pan-European hub for all Honda Motorcycles Europe’s 2011 releases

  • Pan-European affiliate marketing, email campaign and website design and build
  • Rapid 24 hour turn around with creative asset upload
  • Expansion and development of CRM programme
  • 250K site visits and 21K prospect registrations in just 6 weeks


To coincide with Europe’s largest motorcycle show in Milan in November 2010, Honda realised they needed to develop a central hub that could showcase all their recently released bikes, as well as those in the concept stages for the next year.  However they needed a way to showcase the models almost immediately after the show went public.  Therefore the vast majority of the creative material  wasn’t available until 24 hours before Honda wanted the site to go live in order to generate instant interest from all their motorcycle lovers across Europe.


An affiliate campaign went live on the day of launch across 7 countries, driving people to the site built in 10 languages, to spread engagement amongst bike enthusiasts not already in Honda’s database.  Those who we already knew, having been developed as leads from our previous VFR campaign, were sent an email on the day of launch.

Given that creative elements could only be shot 24 hours before launch for logistical reasons, we needed a CMS that could be quickly and easily updated and minimise the cost of doing so.  WordPress, developed with some of our own customised modules for the flash elements of the site, provided us with the ability to do this.

The Honda YouTube channel was regularly updated with all the motorcycle model films and engineer interviews, engaging with those not reached by emails of affiliates and driving further visits to the hub.  A competition offering the chance to attend a choice of three press events incentivised the data capture, which would feed into HME’s CRM programme.


In the 6 weeks since launch we have had 250K site visits, 21K double opt-in registrations for future communications at a cost per response of £14.37 and a total of 32K YouTube views across 7 videos.