Pan European digital launch - Honda

Honda Motorcycles (Europe)

Innovative online only motorcycle launch

  • Social media monitoring to generate more relevant content
  • 650K unique visitors within first week
  • 45k qualified leads at a cost per lead of <12 EUROS (27% ahead of target)
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Honda Motorcycles, the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, asked us how we could launch their technologically groundbreaking and widely hyped new product, the VFR, across Europe. Although the business had been previously PR led, we decided a radical new approach was required – a completely digital launch – Honda’s first ever.


We created a highly targeted, innovative affiliate marketing campaign that ran across 13 different language and country variants to gain prospects interest. This activity drove prospects to a VFR specific website, optimised to get people to register their information and purchase intentions through an incentivised data capture mechanic. We then used social media to understand what people were saying about the VFR, to allow us to generate more relevant content on our site. We also seeded video to relevant channels and provided content to download and reuse, to increase involvement with the target audience of motorcycle enthusiasts.


Despite having only 20 days to prepare the campaign, within a week of the launch the site had 650K unique visitors. We generated 45k qualified leads, 27% ahead of target, all at a cost per lead of  less than 12 EUROS. The launch has created Honda’s first legally compliant pan-European marketing database, allowing them to drive an ongoing CRM programme – with 1,063 motorcycle sales directly attributable to date.