Blogger outreach - Sony World Photography Awards


Blogger outreach campaign to promote both the SWPA and the new NEX-5 DSLR

  • Photo bounty competition to bring Sony closer to photographers
  • Engaging 6 bloggers, has in fact engaged 1,280 photographers
  • 4 weeks – 6,270 photos uploaded


Sony wanted to promote their upcoming Sony World Photography Awards (SWPA), at the same time generating buzz around their new digital SLR the Sony NEX-5.  We wanted to show that Sony not only makes great kit but that they care about the creative output too. We recognised three key groups to build brand advocacy within: Professionals, Enthusiasts and Amateurs. They all want to take great photos, and regardless of their level they all look for feedback on the photos they take – most importantly recognition from their superiors.  How could we encourage the top levels to do this?


We reached out to respected industry bloggers sending a luxury photo-kit case containing a Sony digital photo frame with a videoed set of instructions. They proposed a photo bounty competition on Flickr, in the build up to the SWPA, amongst their fans; 4 themes over 4 weeks, fans posting photos related to the theme, judged by Sony and other experts, and NEX-5s given to the weekly winner. The bloggers were encouraged to feedback, give tips to their fans by being awarded points should one of their fans win.

The competition would allow Sony to engage with vast numbers of photographers, encouraging them to be creative and rewarded for it, boost consumer opinion of Sony and their association with high end DSLR photography and cameras.  Using the social channel of Flickr and the bloggers made way for greater brand identity reach without having to pay for media.


6 out of the 8 bloggers agreed to get involved in the project and speak to their fans.  Over the course of the 4 weeks of competition, speaking to 6 bloggers in fact allowed Sony to engage with almost 1,300 individual photographers, who collectively uploaded over 6,200 photos across the 4 categories.  This is the first big social campaign undertaken by Sony and looks to set a high benchmark for future times.