Data requalification - Honda

Honda Cars (UK)

Building long term relationships with existing customers

  • Prospect and customer data enrichment
  • ROI of £15.33 as well as 350 cars sold as a direct result of the activity
  • Award winning creative execution over an 8 year period
  • Increase of 4% in response rates compared to previous creative route.


Whilst most car manufacturers merely talk AT a prospect, with Honda we try to build long term relationships. Requalification offers us the chance to understand our customers and prospects and have them talk back.  Therefore at the heart of Honda’s relationship marketing is a dedication to the quality of data, through the ongoing re-qualification and cleansing to ensure information is timely and relevant to the prospect.  Every year we are challenged to beat the performance of the previous requalification activity.


With a constantly evolving range of cars and a non-car portfolio as varied as Honda’s, we need a way to educate Honda followers about both Honda products and philosophy.  So we evolved the creative route of the mail packs over time to reflect this constant shift.  Most recently was the “paper world”, a painstakingly created structure representing Honda’s message that ‘Inspiration is Everywhere’.

An incentivised data capture process either through the mail pack or via a specific microsite, most recently offering the chance to win an all new CR-Z, meant we received information including what model the prospect is interested, a likely purchase date and updated contact details amongst others to ensure our future communications are as targeted as possible


We’ve been managing Honda’s re-qualification process since 2004.  In those six years we had developed four creative executions, each one performing better than the previous campaign.  This latest version increased response from 6% to 10%.  And even though the campaign is only designed to requalify data, it also sold some 350 cars directly, generating an ROI of  £15.33.