Multi-media, multi-channel training programme - Diageo


Inspiring whisky sales and marketing personnel to become brand champions

  • Tiered multi-media, multi-channel training programme delivered via DVD, audio CD and website
  • “the best education I’ve seen in my 25 year career”


Diageo approached us to help engage their young sales force and train them in an incredibly complex category – Whisky.  Many of the people they were selling to knew more about the category than them. Our challenge was to explain the range of whiskies comprehensively but in an accessible way.


Our research amongst the trade marketing teams revealed that we needed to deliver beautiful whisky stories in a very contemporary way. We realized the potential of quality, exclusive on and offline content as means of generating word of mouth. The result was an educational platform, both on and offline, called The Whisky Network (TWN). By providing ‘broadcasters’ with the insider know-how, TWN encourages them to share their expertise and engage others in the brand content.

The tiered structure provides training for all levels of knowledge and experience, and has enabled Diageo trade marketing executives to become brand ambassadors. This structure also encourages people to move up the levels and continue learning.


100% of the sales force have seen TWN and are now spreading their education throughout the drinks trade. Diageo’s VP of Trade Marketing called it “the best education I’ve seen in my 25 year career”. The programme is now being developed across their product portfolio and all of the sales force are now part of an ongoing relationship marketing programme.