Research and customer insight - Honda

Honda Cars (UK)

Innovative co-creation research methodology

  • Unique and highly creative research tool allows you to gather and compare views from a variety of audiences on the spot
  • A high density of valuable feedback in vastly reduced time frames that is far more cost effective than 5 individual focus groups
  • Clients encouraged to take part, not just observe – we put the customer right alongside the client


While uptake of hybrid technology has steadily increased over the past 10 years, awareness amongst the general population remains low, with widely held misconceptions relating to function & benefits.

Honda UK wanted to identify the most relevant and compelling messages at the core of hybrid technology with a view to broadening acceptance and increasing propensity for consideration amongst a wider audience.


We created the unique Honda Town Hall – five co-creation workshops taking place in the same place at the same time with existing customers brought together alongside competitor customers, senior Honda stakeholders and employees.  Not your traditional method, but one which gave Honda the answers they needed to issues such as perceptions of hybrids, experiences of hybrids, hybrid-related imagery, and thoughts in communicating hybrid technology.


Previous Honda communications surrounding hybrid were about the environment, yet these workshops presented the technology in a more rational and functional sense. It allowed Honda to embrace the direct input of customers and bring them closer to the market and people they were looking to target. The results of the Town Hall have buy in at Honda at the highest levels – because it was based on their customers and Honda were directly engaging with them.